Large, Easy-To-Read Display


Compact Size Simplifies Tire Service


Years of Reliable Service with No Moving Parts.






Features and Benefits

•   Large, easy-to-read LCD display makes data retrieval simple and accurate.

•   Numbers automatically position upright for easy verification of mileage.

•   No moving parts, provides reliability and durability for the most demanding vocational applications.

•   Compact size 4” Diameter (10.5cm).

•   Features an industry standard 1/2’ - 20 mounting stud.

•   Mileage Record Capacity of 1,000,000 Km (>600,000 miles).

•   Calibrated to perform on more than 2,500 tire models and sizes to ensure reliable mileage information.

•   Lower power Consumption with 10 year battery life.

•   An indispensable tool for scheduling maintenance, determining lease charges, validating guarantees, and calculating costs per mile.



Material   —   Stainless Steel 304

Surface Finishing   —   Chrome

Diameter   —   4 inches (12.00cm)

Height   —   1.5 inches (3.8cm)

IP Grade   —   IP68

Operating Temp.   —   -40°C to 50°C

Battery Life   —   10 years

Lower Consumption   —   <6uA

Screen Size   —   1 inch


Digital Accurate Hubodometer

NB: This Hubodometer can be calibrated : make sure you have the right size hubodometer for the correct tyre size you fitting it to.

1. An adjustable mounting strap with threaded holes and screws. Use locktight sealant on screws so they don’t come lose with vibration. Important notes , "We not responsible if they come lose".

2. Could also turn wheel slowly on jack to see if the Hubodometer is centre. Verifiably of rear wheel axle (pic 2).

3. Holes are made slightly small so you could always make them bigger and keep them centre. Better to remove bolts and then put mounting strap on then replace the bolts or studs back.

4. The adjustable screws stick up slightly so make sure you put the washer on the Hubo first. (pic 7)

5 IMPORTANT: Place washer before fitting it to mounting bracket torque bolt to 15 ft/lbs torque.

6. Mount Hubodometer® use locktight also using 1/2" locknut (pic 5) supplied. It is recommended that a wrench be used to hold Hubodometer® while tightening. Do not clamp Hubodometer® flange in a vise. Repeat Do not exceed 15 ft/lbs torque.

To clean Hubodometer® face, use a damp cloth to prevent scratches. Do not use solvents, paints or thinners.


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