Fleet Management

Track Africa's GPS is the fast, reliable and professional GPS vehicle tracking system that offers accurate, real time, second-to-second information. Ideal for vehicle fleets, Uniguard GPS will save time, money and headaches.

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No1. Track Africa easy real time tracking.


NO2 How to download PC program

No3. Second part PC program


Smart phone android tracking.


No7. Quick look at how Geo Fencing works on Track Africa.


Track Africa Hubodometer.


Track Africa live vehicle tracking.


Track Africa android track.


No9. OBD2 part1 How tracking vehicle with a OBD2 units works.


No 12 Mileage Report for TrackAfrica tracking.



GPS Vehicle Tracking

Track Africa GPS vehicle tracking and fleet management system will help you enhance your fleet operations and improve customer service while maintaining your bottom line. Even more, it will help you to recover the time and money you are losing due to operational inefficiencies, and add it to your profits!

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Fuel Monitoring

With global fuel prices going up high, effective fuel usage has become the most urgent and imperial task. GPS vehicle tracking systems with fuel monitoring function has become the most useful tool for remote fuel management by mobile phone or internet enabled computer. GPS tracking devices detect the fuel amount remotely as well as the GPS coordinates and time.

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Software / Reports

Admin account can not only view and monitor, but can also control and manage. As admin tracking centre is same like PC based software, reports can help you manage your fleet.

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