Here are some commonly asked questions.


What are the true benefits of adopting the use of a GPS management system?

Among the many benefits realized by implementing GPS, here are a few:
The ability to make quicker more efficient decisions regarding routing and dispatching.
Improve employee productivity by reducing unauthorized use of company vehicles.
Lower fleet operational costs by reducing the overall number of vehicles needed.
Reduce and chance theft of GPS ENABLED vehicles with the use of virtual fences and emergency alerts.
Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.Receive discounts from your insurance providers for theft and recovery.
Vehicle history reports to be used in litigation and customer disputes reducing overall exposure.
Correct improperly routed materials or goods on the fly.
Increases information flow by giving customer service representatives a more complete client history.
Produce extensive driving reports to monitor excessive speeding and idling.
Eliminate harsh driving habits like unnecessary acceleration and hard breaking which wear tires and breaks faster.

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What does our fleet tracking system consist of?

Generally the equipment needed is the GPS device, antenna and mounting hardware. But that all depends on the specific nature of the environment and the data needed from the device. GPS Web TrackAfrica streamlines the entire solution based on a custom analysis of each and every customers' needs. This ensures that the customer only purchases what they need, no more no less. The GPS chosen and data needed from that hardware will be made by our staff after a full analysis of the need. What we end up with will be the very best solution specifically designed from the inside out, to ensure the best overall ROI.

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Is GPS difficult to install?

Not generally, for the most part it is easy to install and test, for somebody who is handy. The GPS tracking unit needs to be placed in a secure weather resisted area, away from magnetic equipment such as speakers or radios as well as excessive heat sources to ensure long life and accurate data from the device. GPS/Cellular and Satellite antenna's needs to be placed in the best possible areas also away from magnetic equipment and not under thicker grades of metal for best signal strength. Our GPS tracking unit installation guide provides easy to follow instructions and most customers are able to install the GPS tracking unit in under half an hour that's once we have the trend.

Where special information or requirements from the solution such as controlling door locks, initiating ignition kill options, Google map integration, monitoring external motion or temperature sensors or gathering important diagnostic readings.

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Do I need special software for locating my vehicles, assets and equipment?

No need for special software or installation of any kind. The system is intuitive, easy to learn and completely managed by our team. The system is 100% deliverable through a standard web browser, with reports downloadable in multiple mainstream formats such as Microsoft Excel and Adobe PDF.

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What is the coverage area and are there areas where vehicle location is impossible?

Although there is no completely accurate measure of coverage areas, the South Africa is more than 80% covered by cellular service. In addition we also cover the urban areas of Africa have cellular cover as well as most parts of the world through our extensive network of international cellular and satellite carriers.

In some areas off road and away from a major city, town or highway, detailed street maps are unavailable, but that is rare. In that case, the system will show an approximate address location, along with the exact map location, latitude and longitude. Since cellular technology is involved, there are some instances where the reception is less than perfect, but in most cases the vehicle is not in those areas for long. Our GPS devices store and forward 1000's of messages when the device is out of coverage. And our online vehicle fleet tracking solution will populate that information to our server when the device comes back into coverage so it can be viewed by the customer. This is all seamless and generally not noticed under the vast majority of tracking environments.

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Do I need to have a cell phone or purchase cell service in addition to the tracking serviceand systems GPS Web Tracking provides?

No, GPS Web Tracking will provide a turnkey solution bundling everything you will need for one low monthly price per device including all network connectivity and satellite services. The initial install will include every aspect needed to completely utilize our online suite and web based software. All you need is a PC, laptop and/or Cellular phone mobile tablet device with access to the Internet to view, track and manage all of your vehicles and ready 24hrs.

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I do not want my drivers to be aware of the tracking unit in the vehicles or assets I own, manage or lease. Can I install GPS and track them without their knowledge?

Yes, we recommend all units to be installed under cover where the GPS device will go completely unnoticed. It does not make any noise or emit any audible or visual alerts.

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Is it legal to install a GPS device and fleet tracking system without consent?

We recommend you speak with an HR manager in your company for approval, unions and legal departments recommend such systems to help avoid unnecessary litigation from false claims and to deter theft. As of course each company deals with different work aspects as People use GPS differently. Our experience tells us that in the majority of cases where the equipment is owned by the company and the drivers and/or users of such equipment are employees or contractors, of the same, the practice of implementing a sophisticated GPS tracking and management system is accepted. Generally insurance need proof.

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What is a Geo Fence?

A Geo Fence is a virtual geographic boundary defined by the user to monitor the movement of specific vehicles or groups on a map. It is useful for monitoring company vehicles to unauthorized stops as well as vehicle movement during off peak hours. Our systems record all entry and exit of assigned vehicles to and from Geo Fence boundaries. Additionally the system can optionally send alerts to system users by way of email or SMS text messages when such events occur. Ask for manual regarding help steps.

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What are alerts?

Your system can be set up to send notifications when certain events occur, such as when vehicles cross Geo Fence boundaries, or when excessive speeding occurs. Alerts can be sent to cell phones, mobile devices with SMS text messaging, or any device with an email address. Alerts are configurable and can be set to only send notifications during specific time frames or even certain days.

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What if my drivers speed, breach a geo fence or set off a panic button and I am not at my computer?

The system will record the event in the daily data log for review at any time that is convenient to you, your staff or the fleet manager. You can optionally receive immediate alerts via email or text messages to specified devices for each event.

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How accurate is the GPS location, speed and geo fence alerts?

GPS accuracy is second to none. The device reports its location every 1 to 3 minutes on average while in motion, expect location of vehicles and assets to within 10 meter depending on the type of movement, speed and heading. Events triggered by the GPS device arrive at our server and are available for viewing generally within 15 seconds, this is also true of the alerts and notifications.

The reported speed is calculated at the exact time when the location is taken. The smaller the location interval the smaller and less chance your driver can speed without detection. Additionally a 100km/ph instant excessive speeding event is triggered when the vehicle has continuous speed over 100 km/ph

Similarly with geo fence alerts, the entry or exit of a geo fence is determined when a location is taken. The smaller the time interval between locations means the sooner you will know when a driver has entered or exited a geo fence.

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How will I save on fuel costs?

Fuel cost savings come from several different areas:
The routing software enables you to explore different, more efficient routes for your vehicles.
One of the biggest savings in fuel costs will come from decreasing idle times. Generating idle reports and evaluating them gives you the tools needed to identify and curb excessive idling by drivers.
Being able to route vehicles and drivers to pickups using the closest vehicle to that location eliminates unnecessary calls to drivers and allows for quicker dispatching, arrival and departure times.
Live Tracking allows fleet managers to monitor incorrectly routed shipments and correct them faster which saves time and decreases unnecessary fuel use.
Deterring drivers from excessive speeding will greatly reduce fuel costs, and using system generated speeding reports will give fleet managers and owners the tools they need to identify these drivers.

Fuel Tank Sensors
A fuel tank level sensor exists In most of the Car,which shows the approximate fuel Level it driver's dash cluster panel. it Is possible to connect unit type UT004 analog Input (If the sensor returns analogue Signal proportional to fuel level). after connections calibration is being performed by mesuring volume of fuel and tank.

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How will I save on insurance rates?

By implementing real-time GPS reporting devices into your fleet, you will be immediately alerted if a vehicle is in use during non-specified times. We monitor the ignition, motion sensors, doors, geo fences breaches and use of vehicles during unauthorized time frames. Once you are alerted your staff will be able to locate that vehicle within minutes, even initiating an ignition kill putting a stop to a theft in progress. And you will be able to monitor excessive speeding, hard breaking and unnecessary acceleration by your drivers, which will reduce your exposure to accidents.

The ability to review logs and produce evidentiary data eliminates frivolous or bogus legal disputes, settling and dismissing claims quicker.

Many insurance carriers have started to increase rates for fleets that do not implement GPS into their day to day fleet management. This is due to an inability to locate stolen vehicles which can be quickly dismantled or shipped overseas.

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How long is my tracking data stored for?

GPS Web TrackAfrica has massive redundant storage server is capable of holding an almost limitless amount of tracking data. This generally exceeds the legal retention period mandated by our country laws for any industry.

You have access to your last 12 months of data, and can request retrieval of archived data from our backup database for any period of time that occurred past the 1 year consequential.

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What industries are currently implementing real time GPS tracking?

Simply put, any business wanting to minimize fleet costs and maximize fleet usefulness, reduce overall fuel costs, deter theft, monitor driving habits or improve driver efficiency would be a candidate for a GPS solution.

Examples include: Taxi and limousine services, State and local government, Public transportation, Utility, Delivery, Service and Construction fleets are just a few...

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