OBD GPS tracker with Diagnostic NR-B20
OBD GPS tracker with Diagnostic NR-B20

NR-B20 is an intelligent terminal of wireless communication, GPS position, and OBDII diagnosis. Plug and play, easy install, you don't need a technician or engineer for this one. It could be used for tracking stolen vehicle, anti-theft, track playback, vehicle situation checking etc. It calculates the driving behavior like fuel consumption, rapid acceleration or deceleration through the ECU data.

OBDII Product Information:

OBD2, or better known as On-Board Diagnostics is referred to an electrical connecter mounted underneath the dashboard of all motor vehicles produced after 1996 and is used mainly for the connection of diagnostic equipment during vehicle servicing.

This connector when not been used for vehicle servicing has many other uses, one of which is the connection of an OBD GPS tracking device to live track that vehicles straight away and daily movements, the OBD tracking device has a battery like a cell phone, as it is completely powered by the vehicle through the OBD port. Many vehicle OBD ports are hidden away underneath the dashboard away from view; so many people don’t even know that they exist.

The OBD tracking device is very popular & is used all over the world by private individuals and by corporations including large fleet companies for its ease of use, just plug it in and its ready to track online.

Our OBD GPS tracking device is supplied already set up for you & will communicate with your own personal website GPS tracking account on the www.trackafrica.co.za just plug the device into your vehicles OBD port, then log into your personal web account and see the location of your vehicle in real time and also view historical data. You'll never not know where your vehicle is or where it's been again.

  • Plug & Play Device
  • Monthly Plan (24 Month Contract)
  • Track in REAL Time
  • Historical View & Reports
  • Mapping powered by Google Maps