GPS Tracking and Fuel Monitoring
GPS Tracking and Fuel Monitoring
System Function Introduction:

This vehicle Tracker has combined GPS and GPRS and GSM functions. Location information we be sent by SMS or GPRS, you can enquire where the vehicle on your a Google maps free program is with a history as well. You can control the vehicle to a degree by remote engine cut by SMS or Internet but its best if we do this.

The Fuel tank is monitored successfully when a quality sensor is fitted to the tank. If fuel is stolen while the vehicle is standing you will get an SMS alarm. Once they top up the tank it will also alarm. You can gauge the fuel while the vehicle is on the move, PC dash is available. Installing is about 3 to 5 hours.

  1. Use Googlemap,Global free
  2. Real-time locating/ inquiry
  3. SOS button/Power-cut Alarm
  4. Two way communication (speaker and mic)
  5. E-fence/Over-speed Alarm
  6. Compatible original ant i-theft relay
  7. Remote control engine cut SMS

GPS Tracking and Fuel Monitoring
a sudden drop in the graph is fuel theft, you will get an alarm